A technique to serve the color

“A work of art enters your home, it charges the atmosphere, it generates emotions”
Carried by a positive intent, my work is a proposition to escape. Color is its main carrier.

Beyond the visual, abstract or narrative aspect, it aims at flavoring the environment, just like a tea would with hot water. Often, I am attracted to a painting, just for its blue, as it sublimates the ambiance.
Resin due to its polarizing aspect, densifies and sublimates colors. They vibrate through a glossy effect.
The structural mediums, aluminium, inks, oils, acrylics, charcoal, pastels and pigments mixed in layers, create the bases of the painting, its relief and its transparencies.
Mastering the bases of painting, I give myself no bondery between abstraction and figuration, allowing myself to use references to classical art. Then I suggest a reinterpretation using this contemporary medium witch place my work in a new current.
Inspired by the energetic, icy but yet soft aspect of the finish, I deliver a “happy painting”, much like the 1970 current in California, opposed to the on in New York considered “intellectual”.